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Intro Gallery (Green Museum) 2016

Updated: Apr 4

The Introduction Gallery presents an overview of the advocacy of the Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary as a green museum.

It has five sections: the first “MES as a Green Museum;” the second provides the ecological context, “Grandeur of Creation” and the “Desecration of Nature;” the third provides historical context, “Maryknoll Sisters in Baguio;” the fourth is about its main feature, “The Cosmic Journey;” and the fifth is an example of sustainable building, “The Earth House.”

The MES is an alternative center for environmental education. It aims to promote a new understanding of the earth and to initiate positive change by encouraging people to make sustainable choices in daily life.

The MES is the only green museum in Northern Luzon and is in a unique position to set an example of how informal environment education can become accessible to the general public-- to tell the story of the earth, of ecological change, and of the urgency to develop and implement sustainable solutions.

As a green museum, its primary goal is to encourage people to become more conscious of the earth’s limited resources and be aware of how actions affect its capacity to sustain life.

May 20, 2016

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