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Earth Day Environment Conversation 2016

Earth Day Apr 22, 2016, at Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary forum on Environment with the Baguio City Candidates for Congressman, Mayor and Vice Mayor.

Admirable in the forum, was the message of Kidlat, Baguio artist, mentioning, to consider Cordillera culture of including guidance from the Elders' relevant culture, especially love and respect of nature and the Artists' Group of creative ideas. Citing the rice terraces of the Cordillera - in Bontoc are protected by the forests which water the terraces without the need of pumps or any other mechanisms.

Architect Joseph Alabanza, another art guru, likewise shared the structural obstruction of natural sceneries, by high rise buildings and vanishing trees. Finally Baguio Lady Tes Choa, equally concerned in bringing back Baguio City's healthy environment, expressed doable strategies for waste management.

Kudos to these Baguio assets, surely they will be there, to bring back the Baguio We Want.

To the mayorables who were there and stayed till the end, blessings for listening. Good luck.

To the organizers, CONGRATULATIONS! To everyone who came, Batch 68

HAPPY EARTH DAY... POPE FRANCIS ... LAUDATU SI. (Peregrina Cacanindin)

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