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Alphabet of Eve 2014

"ALPHABET of Eve," an exhibition of photographs by Dorit Drori is ongoing at the Sanctuary Gallery, Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary, Baguio City until October 15, 2014.

These photographs by Drori were first shown at the Art Gallery Twenty Four, entitled "Bonding" in Tel Aviv, Israel, then as a traveling exhibition at the Jewish Museum in Melbourne, Australia in 2010.

"Alphabet of Eve" is an autobiographical work where the artist portrays 26 women characters she has known in her lifetime and of women in ancient Biblical texts that pertain to the land of Israel.

The photographs have become part of her self-discovery, reflecting her surroundings, travels, her inner journeys, the varied conditions of daily life, and other facets of the physical landscape and the social-cultural world.

These self-portraits, taken in the years 1987- 2000, were photographed on black & white film and darkroom printed by her and Baguio-born photographer Emmanuel (Mannix) Santos. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Santos curated the 2010 exhibition at the Jewish Museum and this year arranged the show’s travel to the Philippines.

“Alphabet of Eve” is being shown for the first time in the Philippines at the Sanctuary Gallery Baguio, Maryknoll.

This exhibition offers a vantage point where we can view the images collectively and gain insight into the spirit of a woman in these times – for us to understand how the dreams, the struggles and vision of all women are, in essence, no different from one another. Together, these photographs present the artist’s “sense of freedom, peace, and understanding of the human soul.”

Drori was born in Jerusalem in 1957. Both her parents were Austrians. She says, “When I was 10 years old, the "Six Day War" started and a shell destroyed our home in Jerusalem, showing me that life can change quickly.”

From 1980- 1983 she traveled to different parts of the world with her husband Uri. In the northern Philippines, some of the places they visited in 1981 were Baguio, Sagada, Bontoc, and Banaue. She has joined several group shows in, among others, Israel, Belgium, Australia, Italy, USA. Drori is an art therapist in the Israel educational system. Through photography and her proficiency in expressive therapy, she has harnessed the usefulness of art in helping discern the paths towards healing and self-discovery. She worked on art programs for high risk teenagers, one of which was a project called “Chalas” (or “Life Without Drugs”).

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